Miss Bouncy #9.1

Miss Bouncy #9.1

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Miss Bouncy


She’s been hitting hard mentally and physically, but she hangs on 

When the world get to you and beat you up so suddenly that you don’t even have time to react, but you try your best to hang on.  

Things will get better eventually! 


I’m not afraid even I believe the future of the world will be dystopian


Shot with Leica SL with Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm ASPH in Leeds, UK 📸


Creative Director & Photo: Cody Choi
Danced in three world tour with "Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake", a three Tony Awards production.    




    Edition of   50 for  20 x 30 inch - £495

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    Printed on C-type Fuji Crystal Archive Photographic Matt Paper