Shaolin Monk

‘Shaolin Monk’

was taken at the Hong Kong Coliseum, backstage of a renowned Chinese music artist Andy Lau’s concert in 2011, while Cody performed as a core dancer.
Mr Andy Lau, being a religious buddhist and having shot the movie “ The New Shaolin Temple” co-starring Jackie Chan a year before his concert, invited eight monks who have also appeared in the movie to perform in his concert. The monks travelled afar to Hong Kong from the Shaolin Monastery situated on the remote Mount Song in Henan Province China to be part of this show.
While Cody was taking pictures for his fellow colleagues backstage, little Shaolin Monk Dong Dong* past by and asked in Mandarin, “Can I have a go?” And off he flipped, walked away with a grin on his face.
A precious moment was captured. Moving.
*Dong Dong also performed in Belgium contemporary dance choreographer Sidi Larbi’s full-length dance production “Sutra”, which has been toured at world-class theatres across continents.

Fuji Pro Crystal Archive Type II 249 gsm paper

Photo by former Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake dancer, Cody Choi